Is It

Released in 1997, Is It showcases Gondwana's ability to handle a full range of jazz styles. From the opening track FOUT with it's in-your-face 7/4 improve, followed by the telling ballad You're Blase´. Throw in some straight-ahead jazz tunes like Honey Bee, Goodbye Porkpie Hat and Monk's Criss Cross. While Festa will have your foot bouncing, You Never Know tells it like it is. Sunny Day is a hot one. The saxes are loud and proud on Go Splish. Rochelle's rendition of El Choclo will make you believe in lips of fire. The beautiful Cumulonimbus and Regarding Sunsets will stay in your mind long after hearing them. 77 is a rythmic puzzle. 11 of the 16 cuts are Gondwana originals.